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Use water quality monitoring equipment to scientifically change the water in the swimming pool


Portable water quality analyzer-There are many modern people who like to exercise, and swimming, as a sport with huge advantages, has been widely loved by people for a long time!

Many people like to swim in the water when they are free. Especially in summer, swimming can not only exercise your body, but also won't get a bad sweat, and it is also very cool.

I have to say that it is an excellent way to relax.

Many swimming pools have also been built taking advantage of this hot wind. And their business is pretty good, and some high-end hotels have also established swimming pools in the hotels.This is undoubtedly a good thing. But many swimming pools in order to ensure the quality of the store. Particularly keen on changing the water in the swimming pool.

But in fact, there is no need to change the water in the swimming pool every day.As long as some small water treatment methods are used, the number of bacteria and the concentration of pollutants in the swimming pool can be controlled.It is very unwise to change the water directly.

Application of water quality monitoring equipment

But how to do this?

First, we must use water quality monitoring equipment to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of the water body of the swimming pool.
It would be better if there is a portable water quality analyzer.

After all, the work of water quality monitoring does not need to be carried out continuously for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
Just monitor once every period of time.

River water quality tester to play a big role

River water quality tester is an instrument used to measure river water quality. It can measure dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, chlorophyll, ozone, residual chlorine, nitrate nitrogen and other indicators in the water, and can give the evaluation of water quality according to the measurement results.

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