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For people’s health, it is indispensable to monitor the quality of domestic wastewater

User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 18 2021

In recenrt life, people cannot do without the application and use of water resources. But because of the lack of water resources in our country. Therefore, sufficient attention should be paid to the protection of water resources.
People need water in many places in their lives. Therefore, a large amount of domestic wastewater will be generated, which should be reasonably monitored to prevent it from affecting our domestic water. So the water quality monitoring sensors makes a great sence today.

Water quality monitoring sensors
Water quality monitoring sensors

For people's domestic wastewater, if strict and reasonable supervision is not carried out, it will inevitably cause certain pollution to our clean water sources.
To conduct domestic wastewater monitoring, this can help us better manage various wastewater systems. Only reasonable monitoring and management of various wastewaters have been carried out. This ability has a certain degree of protection for our normal water sources.

The current discharge of domestic wastewater has begun to exceed the discharge of industrial wastewater, indicating that the current domestic wastewater pollution is generally serious.

Nowadays, domestic wastewater has become the main source of pollution to the water environment. In the past, the main source of pollution was industrial wastewater, but now domestic wastewater has caught up.

Domestic wastewater treatment in cities and towns is seriously behind the cities. As a result, a large amount of untreated domestic wastewater is directly discharged into rivers, reservoirs, lakes and other places, posing a serious threat to water pollution.

Water quality monitoring of domestic wastewater

Domestic wastewater monitoring can conduct regular monitoring of pollutants entering rivers, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, oceans and other surface water bodies and pollutants penetrating into groundwater. Grasp the current status and development trend of water quality.
Supervise and monitor various types of domestic sewage to provide a basis for pollution source management and sewage charges.
Domestic wastewater monitoring can help people better tackle this serious problem from the root cause.

The portable water quality parameter detector independently developed by Jingxunchangtong is widely used in factories, water plants, sewage treatment, aquaculture and other fields.

It is a portable multi-parameter water quality rapid measuring instrument with complete functions. Real-time detection of water quality PH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, COD and other parameters. It is compact and convenient, does not occupy space, and can monitor water quality quickly and accurately.

For people's health, it is indispensable to monitor the quality of domestic wastewater with Water quality monitoring system.