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Application of water quality monitoring equipment to make tourist attractions more “beautiful”


Online water quality sensor-Dazu Grottoes is a cave temple with a long history. Among them are many Buddha statues carved from the Northern and Southern Dynasties to the Tang and Song Dynasties. It has extremely high historical value, cultural value and aesthetic value.
Many experts and scholars speak highly of this. The local tourism department also manages and develops local tourism resources to achieve the rapid development of the tertiary industry in the local area.
After all, Chongqing’s geographic location is generally located in the western region of my country.
Therefore, Chongqing Dazu, as one of the key cities of my country's western development strategy, itself has a certain degree of demonstration effect.
The environment of Chongqing Dazu has been improved, and it can also guide other western cities to generate enough enthusiasm and motivation to improve the local ecological environment.

water quality sensor
water quality sensor
Application of water quality monitoring equipment

Chongqing Dazu is deep inland, far from the coastline. Although it is located in the subtropical zone, its annual precipitation is not as abundant as in the south of the Yangtze River and Guangdong and Guangxi. In addition, the Sichuan Basin's topography is more complicated, and irrigation is not easy.
Therefore, local growers in Dazu, Chongqing, are also very difficult to achieve the purpose of beautifying the city.
However, with the efforts of the locals, this goal has indeed been achieved, and the vegetation and greening of the mountains and riversides has improved.

This means that water and air quality have been improved. Which can be discovered through various water quality monitoring performed by river water quality monitoring equipment and lake water quality testing equipment.

In addition, the use of ambient air monitoring can also find that the local air quality has also been significantly improved.
The environment has improved. Even if tourists head for the statues of the Dazu Grottoes. They can get a better travel experience from the green waters and green mountains.
It is also easier to repeat tourism and bring more tourism income to the local area. Not only those who travel to Dazu for the Buddha statue. But also can take this opportunity to discover more of the beauty of Dazu.

Online water quality sensor-Application of water quality monitoring equipment to make tourist attractions more "beautiful".

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