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Water quality monitoring sensors-The role of dissolved oxygen detector


Water quality monitoring sensors-I often hear the aquaculture industry discussing dissolved oxygen and the oxygen content in water quality. So, what is dissolved oxygen in water quality and what effect does it have on plants and animals in water quality? Today, let's briefly explain and understand.

Dissolved oxygen, as the name implies, refers to the oxygen content in the water, that is, the molecular oxygen in the air is usually called dissolved oxygen when dissolved in water.

In fact, the content of dissolved oxygen in the water is closely related to the partial pressure of oxygen in the air and the temperature of the water.

Under natural conditions, the lower the water temperature, the higher the dissolved oxygen content in the water.The molecular oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen, usually recorded as DO, expressed in milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is related to the water quality of a living state of plants and animals. Just like the relationship between living things on land and oxygen, it is indispensable.

In addition, the amount of dissolved oxygen is also an important indicator to measure the state of the water body's self-purification ability.

If the dissolved oxygen content is high or the water body is turbid. The time required for purification and recovery is short. Which proves that the water body has a strong self-purification ability or proves that the water body is not highly polluted.

Anyway, it proves that the water body is seriously polluted or the self-purification ability is weak or even lost.

water quality monitoring sensors
water quality monitoring sensors
Introduction of Dissolved Oxygen Detector

Because dissolved oxygen is an indispensable existence in the survival of fish and other organisms in the water. Therefore, for aquaculture, water quality monitoring and other fields. It is very important to always pay attention to and master the dissolved oxygen in water quality.

For this reason, Jingxuntong's dissolved oxygen detector can help you quickly and accurately measure the dissolved oxygen in the water.

Because the fluorescence method of dissolved oxygen meter uses fluorescence method to measure dissolved oxygen. There is no oxygen consumption during measurement, no interference, no polarization, not only has a good performance under complex working conditions. The design life of the fluorescent cap can reach more than one year, Greatly reduce maintenance costs.

The product does not need to be calibrated at one time, and it can be used by hand. High precision, long life, strong anti-interference ability, can well meet your needs.

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