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Importance of Lead Ion Concentration Detector in Water for Water Quality Monitoring
User:JXCTUpload time:Sep 17 2021

Sensor of water quality-It is often said that the lead ions in the water are particularly harmful to the human body and plants, so where does the lead ions in the water come from? This requires water quality lead ion sensors to detect.

In fact, there are two sources of lead ions in the water. One is caused by the arbitrary discharge of industrial pollutants and waste water, so that the water body is not disturbed; the other is drinking water pollution caused by the traditional faucet manufacturing process.

After lead element comes into contact with air, flowers will grow and a protective film will be formed. However, water can cause the protective film of lead to fall off and fall into the water, leading to the precipitation of lead.

The main harm of lead ions in water to the human body is damage to people's nervous system and long-term damage to other organs of the body.

Pregnant women are more likely to cause miscarriage, premature delivery, premature rupture of membranes and stillbirth.

For children, there will be abnormal behaviors such as loss of concentration, lack of concentration, hyperactivity, decreased learning ability, irritability, and strong aggressiveness.

For adults, symptoms such as anemia, nerve damage to the limbs. Abnormal bone and muscle tissue, heart failure, abdominal pain and other symptoms are very harmful to the human body.

Therefore, we must pay special attention to water quality monitoring . And pay attention to whether the lead ions in the water quality exceed the standard. For the health of the family.

sensor of water quality
sensor of water quality
The important role of lead ion concentration detector in water

Weihai Jingxun Changtong independently developed a lead ion concentration detector in water under the cooperation of a strong team.Real-time monitoring of the lead ion concentration in water can be placed in the water for a long time. With high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.The operation is simple, the signal stability is high, and the display reading is clear and intuitive. Which can accurately reflect the monitored lead ion concentration.

A variety of styles are available for you to choose. And there are a variety of interface transmission methods that can better meet your diversified needs.
Factory direct sales, layered profit model without intermediate links, the price is more affordable. And can be customized according to your needs and support multiple parameters, you can get a water quality monitoring equipment that you like the most.