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Water quality sensor

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How Does a Water Quality Sensor Work?

Water Quality Sensor

Water quality sensor become the eyes and ears of system operators, providing real-time actionable data to maintain water quality in the distribution system. Water quality evaluation can also alert organizations like centers for disease control, helping to prevent a public health catastrophe.

water quality sensor

Water quality sensor are address a variety of management issues, including meeting regulated water quality requirements, identifying unregulated water quality.

The chemical, biological and physical conditions of water resources indicate their quality in numerous ways. Even small shifts in characteristics like pH measurements can impact those relying on the water source.

To maintain quality, water quality evaluations should track parameters like conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity and turbidity is essential. For the very same reason, water quality sensors have become standard in many systems.

Water quality sensor are applied via two fundamental approaches. They are either used to directly gauge components of interest, which are indicators that may reveal the presence of contaminants.

Top 8 Water Quality Sensors For Water monitoring

There are many kinds of water quality sensors currently in use. Below is a short list of the most commonly sensors.

Kinds of water quality sensors

Residual Chlorine Sensor

Determining residual chlorine in water treatment centers and distribution systems is essential in safely treating water and has been important as long as chlorine has been used to disinfect water.

These water quality sensors evaluate the level of free chlorine, monochloramine, and total chlorine in the water source. It is mainly drinking water disinfection, and total chlorine is often assessed when treating wastewater.

Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity sensors gauge suspended solids in water, normally by determining the amount of light that is able to pass through the water. These water quality sensors can do for wastewater measurement, drinking water treatment operations, and sedimentation tank management.

residual chlorine sensor

Conductivity Sensor

Conductivity test is usually in the industrial environment, in order to obtain the data of total ion concentration. Common applications include water purification, clean in place (CIP) control, and measuring concentration amounts in solutions.

The standard conductivity sensor is either an inline sensor insert directly. We connect the cable to the transmitter, which sends the signal to the processing.

pH Sensor

The pH of a solution, how acidic or basic it is, is a major indicator of water quality. pH sensors are usually a single electrode, typically made of glass and quite delicate. An electrode is typically attached to an analyzer that has an interface for water quality data collection, calibration, and alerts.


ORP Sensor

ORP sensors gauge the Oxygen-Reduction Potential of a water source. Used in conjunction with a pH sensor, an ORP measurement can offer insight into the degree of oxidation/reduction reactions taking place in the solution. An ORP Sensor should be connected to an effective interface and software to gather data.


Water quality sensors play a crucial role in identifying and measuring water parameters, and are essential for determining water quality at a given time. They are highly pieces of equipment, composed of multiple components that work seamlessly to collect, interpret and transmit data. By using water quality sensor, we can protect the environment, human and animal populations, and improve our water systems' operational capabilities.

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