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Application of water ph sensor

PH monitoring equipment is very important

Signs that the aquarium pH has dropped too low include algae growth, sludge/dirt on the bottom of the tank, and sudden changes in fish appearance and behavior. It is very important to measure the pH in your aquarium to know how acidic or basic your aquarium water is. Knowing the pH of your aquarium water is critical to your fish's growth and their overall health. While each aquatic species has a specific level of pH tolerance, large fluctuations can be dangerous to fish and other organisms in the aquarium, so knowing the symptoms of low pH shock and how to recognize them is critical because low pH Values that cause fish breathing difficulties and gill movement. We can use the water quality ph sensor developed by JXCT for monitoring.

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Symptoms of high PH value in fish tank

You should also be aware of the symptoms associated with high pH in your tank.

①The white spot on the fish is called Ich.
②Fish rubbing against rock/substrate.
③Green algae and mucus in the water tank.
④ The behavior of the fish is slow.
⑤ The fish moves uncontrollably and swims irregularly.
⑥The fish is panting heavily on the surface of the water.

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The reason for the low pH value of the fish tank

If you're already a seasoned aquarist, you know how difficult it can be to replicate your fish's water needs. Many of the elements that affect pH in the wild will also affect pH in the aquarium.

Problems associated with low pH in the aquarium are described below.

· Too many fish
· Overfeeding
· Insufficient water tank circulation
·Dirty Tank
·Water source when changing water
· Rotten fish
· Contaminated or diseased fish
· Aquarium gravel/substrate to hide waste
· not enough plants

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How to test and monitor pH in fish tank?

Maintaining water quality is key to keeping fish alive in the tank. Tap water may have a different pH than its neighbours, so testing the water and knowing how to change it is important to reduce stress on your aquarium. It is recommended to remove some of the aquarium water to a separate container and aerate with an airstone for a few days before testing. This is because the "true" pH is suppressed by the CO2 (carbon dioxide) level in the tank, causing the pH reading to be lower than it really is. You don't want to try to adjust the pH prematurely, as this could further complicate your low pH problem.

The most accurate way to measure pH in an aquarium is with a pH probe/sensor connected to a pH meter. There are many different types of pH sensors available, however, an everyday pH sensor is recommended.


In general, the pH of each tank should be neutral (7.0). If the value drops too low or rises too much, it can be dangerous to the health of the fish and damage the water quality in the aquarium. However, stability is the key factor here. Fish can adapt to pH values slightly outside this range. It is the large swings in pH that cause stress and death in fish.

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