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Application of Why lake water quality monitoring

Why lake water quality monitoring is important

Lakes and ponds of any size are complex ecosystems with numerous inputs and outputs that can affect water quality in subtle or dramatic ways. Whether the lake is man-made (focused on recreational fishing and water sports) or a habitat formed naturally by ancient glaciers or tectonic activity, understanding the hydrological parameters that contribute to the lake's health is important for proper management. Therefore, it is very important to use the lake water quality monitoring equipment independently developed by JXCT.

Real-time lake water quality monitoring systems allow lake management professionals to keep abreast of changing water quality and address potential problems before they develop into larger problems. These problems can be related to sediment and turbidity, thermal stratification, excess nutrient loads and algal blooms, among others.

water quality monitoring
water quality monitoring

Turbidity and sediment

Suspended solids are any particles in water larger than 2 microns. Turbidity is a measure of water clarity. Turbidity can be affected by many factors present in a body of water, including mud, silt, algae or chemicals present in the water. Industrial activities, such as mining, logging and -- perhaps most commonly -- dredging, often contribute to turbidity in lakes and rivers.

Turbidity often varies seasonally, as snow and ice can greatly affect flow and the presence of sediment, which makes the water cloudy. Ice-covered lakes typically have low turbidity in winter, but can become high as snowmelt washes mud and dirt into the water in spring. The growth of algae and other organisms in summer can also cause increased turbidity.

The importance of lake turbidity depends on the season, the morphology of the lake, and the ecosystem within it. Highly turbid water prevents the passage of light that plants need to grow, which also reduces the viability of other plant-eating organisms. Turbidity associated with algae is often associated with eutrophication and hypoxia of lake bottoms, especially those that are highly stratified or poorly mixed. Very high turbidity can actually cause fish and other organisms to suffocate, affecting their ability to catch prey and even burying fish eggs on the bottom of the lake. The particles that cause cloudiness can carry bacteria or other pollutants that can harm the lake's water quality.

Water turbidity sensor
Water turbidity sensor

Use of JXCT turbidity monitoring equipment

Turbidity detector are one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments. It can continuously monitor data through the transmission output and connect the recorder to realize remote monitoring and recording. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface through the MODBUS-RTU protocol for easy connection Enter the computer to realize monitoring and recording.

Algal bloom

Phytoplankton generate their own energy from sunlight. All other organisms consume them directly or indirectly as a carbon source. Algae and algal blooms should not be considered to be inherently hazardous to lake water quality. In fact, algae are an important part of lake ecosystems. The algae oxygenate the water, convert inorganic matter into organic matter, and serve as the base of the lake's food chain.

Nutrient loading is a major determinant of algal growth in lakes, so monitoring nutrient levels (especially phosphorus and nitrate) in lakes with excessive or deficient algae is critical. Water temperature, turbidity, and competition from other plants and animals also affect algae growth. As mentioned above, high algal blooms can lead to eutrophication, turbidity and hypoxia in lakes. Because of the many algal blooms that form on lakes, most monitoring can be done visually alone, but for particularly large lakes, aerial observations and even satellite imaging may be required.

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