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Application of Smart Water Level Monitoring

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 05 2023
Why do we need effective water management systems?

Water plays a very important role in our daily life. Therefore, today's drinking water is becoming dangerous and polluted due to urban development, industry and population growth. Pollution reduces the quality and purity of water. With unnecessary sources of chemicals and pollutants, ensuring clean and safe water is a real ultimatum. Major pollutants include bacteria, fertilizers, parasites, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, nitrates, waste, radioactive phosphates, and plastics. Not only do these substances change the color of the water, but they are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, better methods are needed to monitor water quality. It can be monitored using Smart Water Level Monitoring developed by JXCT.

Now, to test the water level, a human being is required to perform the test. Such methods are time-consuming and can no longer be considered effective. Also, on the ground, some people constantly turn on the pump to go to work/sleep and forget to turn off the main when the tank is full. This can lead to flooding and flooding. Therefore, a constant and reliable water supply is essential to meet our daily needs. As the world evolves in pursuit of morality and ambition, intelligent change is required given its complexity.

Some major water pollution problems include:

biodiversity degradation
lack of drinking water
infant mortality, disease

What is Smart Water Level Monitoring?

IoT based water level monitoring solution is an advanced and well-equipped system that is highly scalable and monitors the volume of a filled water tank in real-time. It is a mature solution that includes easy-to-use customizable and flexible features. The rapid adoption of technology by the water industry is a bold step forward that has had a profound impact on overall productivity.

Drop-in level sensor

Using a combination of portable sensors, digital computer equipment, communication media (e.g. TCP/IP protocol), and Internet services, IoT-based smart water management can be monitored in real time from anywhere in the world. IoT-based smart water level monitoring system solves many aesthetic problems. Some of the main contributions include low cost, increased spatial resolution, low computational cost, low energy requirements, providing real-time feedback, and improved water quality. The advantage of IoT-based systems is to provide sufficient quality water for every household, industry, etc.

IoT-based water management solutions help industry stakeholders, governments and general users achieve their sustainability and efficiency goals. Today, the concept of the Internet of Things in this field has been transformed into a new concept - the Internet of Water. It needs to connect all systems and actors in the water supply chain – water resources, treatment plants and industrial water management systems, water distribution facilities, utilities and clean energy companies, and consumers, etc. – and provide decision makers with vital information in the supply chain. Condition of water resources used and equipment. Perhaps, there is no better technology than the Internet of Things to equip the array of required delivery systems, data applications and tools.