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Application of water leakage monitoring system


Installing fire detectors and security systems is standard practice for homeowners. So why aren't water leak detection systems more prevalent? There are affordable leak detection options available to monitor your entire home. If you're interested in water leak detection equipment, read on to learn what a water leak detection system is, how to use one, and why it's important to have one in your home.

What is a Water Leak Detection System?

As the name suggests, a leak detection system monitors your water pipes for any leaks. You can prevent or mitigate water damage in your home with a home water leak detector. These detectors have built-in sensors that monitor real-time water usage, quickly identify leaks and send alerts to your smartphone if there is a problem. There are many types of water leak detection systems in the market

Why Install a Leak Detection System?

There are many reasons why leak detection equipment can be beneficial to your home.

Conserve Water: Find and fix common household water leaks such as irrigation leaks, worn toilet flaps, and dripping faucets. This is especially important in areas like California and Texas, where water is more of a concern. Even a small leak can waste a lot of water when you consider leaks from multiple homes in the area.
Save money: Leakage or not, the more water you use, the higher your bills. While some leaks may only have a minor impact on your water bill, in some cases leaks can add up. For example, a broken sprinkler that you don't realize can leak hundreds of gallons of water from storm drains every week. You are wasting money and a lot of water. Installing a leak detection system can keep your water bill and usage in check.
Gain insight into water usage: In addition to detecting leaks, devices that log minute-by-minute usage can give you insight into where you can save water. For example, you may need to shorten your shower or change your watering cycle to use less water. This is important in a drought-prone state like California.
Prevents Mold and Mold: Whenever there is water damage, the chances of mold and mildew increase. Even small under-counter leaks can build up mold over time if left unchecked. Exposure to mold can pose serious health risks, including allergic reactions, rashes and asthma attacks. Also, these effects are more severe in infants, toddlers, older adults, and people with pre-existing medical conditions. Leak detection systems help stop mold growth before it begins, keeping you and your family safe.

Flood sensor
Flood sensor
Water level/leakage transmitter

The water immersion sensor is a fully sealed design to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the product. The product has high sensitivity, fast response time, convenient use, and easy installation. The water immersion sensor is a simple and practical leak detection device, which can be installed independently, or used as a detection probe with other hosts for leak detection. This kind of monitoring system is integrated, through its input relay contact signal, it can realize remote alarm and remote equipment control.

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