Sewage monitoring – wastewater monitoring


The construction of urban sewage treatment facilities has mentioned the prominent position of urban infrastructure construction, and the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities has entered a new stage of development. However, due to many factors such as the people’s weak environmental protection awareness and the drive of interest, random discharge of sewage and non-compliant discharge of sewage, causing serious environmental pollution occur from time to time. Therefore, in terms of monitoring and supervision, an effective, practical and advanced monitoring system is provided. And the solution, the establishment of an online monitoring system for sewage treatment is extremely urgent, and it is imperative to improve water quality monitoring capabilities.


  1. Distribution of monitoring sites
    The system is equipped with a GIS map, which can display the geographical locations of all current monitoring stations, so that the administrator can determine the location of the monitoring station. If an alarm exceeds the standard event, the location of the station can be located at the first time.
  2. Real-time online monitoring
    The sewage online monitoring system can monitor the changes of COD, various heavy metals, flow rate, flow and other parameters online in real time through sensor equipment.
  3. Monitoring and early warning
    Through the system platform, the user can set the safety value range of the monitored parameter. Once the front-end sensor detects that a certain water quality parameter exceeds the safety value range, the system will send an alarm message to notify the user for rapid processing and minimize pollution.
  4. Data analysis query
    Sewage online monitoring system, 7*24 hours real-time monitoring, automatic collection, without manual care. The system automatically generates data charts, and users can intuitively understand the changes in water quality. The collected data can be saved, historical data can be viewed at any time, and can be used for analysis, printing and archiving.
  5. Video surveillance
    The system can perform 24-hour, all-weather remote real-time monitoring of the monitoring area, and understand the actual situation through video observation of the environmental changes near the monitoring station and the situation of the sewage outlet.


  1. Continuous collection: 24-hour continuous online monitoring of water quality data can be obtained;
  2. Automatic processing: can process and access the collected data;
  3. Automatic transmission: automatically transmit the monitored data to the relevant intelligent department.


The sewage monitoring system monitors domestic sewage, industrial waste water, black and odorous water bodies and other waste water. It is suitable for industrial pollution source waste water, water treatment plants, and sewage treatment. The sewage situation can be uploaded to the cloud platform and connected with the environmental protection department to improve water quality and improve the water environment. .