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Hydrological Monitoring-Water and Rain Conditions


The water and rain regime monitoring system is an important engineering measure for the prevention and control of mountain torrent disasters. The water and rain monitoring system integrates information collection, transmission, analysis, and early warning. It realizes the timely and accurate upload and release of early warning information, so that possible disaster-affected areas can take timely measures to minimize personnel and property losses.
Water and rain integrated automatic monitoring station integrates a series of water and rain conditions in one, monitors water and rain conditions in real time, collects small reservoir images, videos and other information, is a loyal intelligence officer who grasps the storage status of reservoirs, early warning of safety accidents, and assisting in flood prevention and flood fighting .


The water and rain regime monitoring system generally consists of a central station and a telemetering station (monitoring station). The telemetering station (monitoring station) mainly monitors the real-time water level, rainfall, field image and other data information of each reservoir and lake, and uploads it to the central station. The central station receives and processes the data sent by the telemetry station through the corresponding software platform, and provides vital information to the decision-makers according to demand. At the same time, the system can quickly release relevant water and rain information through WEB, exclusive mobile terminal, SMS and other methods.


(1) Real-time monitoring of rainfall, water level, and landslides to grasp the real-time dynamics of water and rain conditions.
(2) It can expand the remote camera or video real-time monitoring function.
(3) When rainfall, water level, and mountain displacement exceed the flood limit warning value, an automatic alarm will be issued.
(4) Analysis of comprehensive factors such as meteorology, geology and environment.
(5) To release early warning information through telephone, text message, fax, wireless warning broadcast and other channels.
(6) System information management: The system has authorized management, granting different operators different levels and operation management permissions. Managers of various departments and levels can access the management system through the network to query and manage related information.
(7) Electronic map real-time display: The main interface is based on the distribution map of the reservoir measuring points, which visually displays the position of each measuring point, water level, rainfall and alert status, and displays the alert status in various colors.
(8) Historical record management: According to conditions such as measuring point, time period, alarm type, etc., historical record information can be inquired, Excel table output, and report printed. Curve management: display the water level process curve in the form of a curve.
(9) Mobile APP: The system provides a dedicated APP to facilitate the mobile office of reservoir and information center managers, and to understand the monitoring of water and rain conditions in reservoirs (lakes) anytime and anywhere.

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