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Water quality sensor

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Water quality monitoring equipment & solutions


When water environment governance becomes the top priority of ecological environmental protection, the country and society pay more and more attention to the protection of water environment, which also requires high-quality water quality monitoring equipment to help the safe implementation of various water projects. Water quality monitoring equipment and water quality monitoring solutions realize water quality monitoring and play a huge role in water quality monitoring projects.

water quality monitoring equipment:

There are many water quality monitoring equipment, including: water quality monitoring sensors, in-situ total phosphorus analyzers, integrated micro water quality monitoring buoys, integrated micro water quality monitoring stations, smart management software platforms and other product series, which have formed water environment quality monitoring, sewage Processing process monitoring and control, underground pipeline network water quality monitoring, water supply safety monitoring and early warning, marine environment three-dimensional monitoring and other solutions provide timely and effective data and information for environmental protection, resource development, comprehensive management, disaster prevention and mitigation, and public services. Technical Support.

water quality monitoring system:

The water quality monitoring solution system is based on online water quality monitoring sensors, combined with Internet of Things technology, cloud computing technology, and solar power technology. The water quality monitoring system can realize real-time monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality, early warning and forecasting major or sudden water pollution accidents, providing effective monitoring tools for water environment safety management, and effectively improving the comprehensive capacity and management level of water resources management. The monitoring parameters of the water quality monitoring system include: conventional five parameters (conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, turbidity, temperature), ammonia nitrogen, COD, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, etc. Various sensors can meet the different requirements of different applications.

Classification of water quality monitoring system:

The water quality monitoring system includes a pole type water quality monitoring system, a station type water quality monitoring system, and a floating type water quality monitoring system. Various water quality monitoring systems can be freely selected according to application scenarios.

Water quality monitoring system application:

River, lake and reservoir monitoring, modern agriculture monitoring, water supply monitoring, sewage water monitoring, marine environment monitoring, underground pipeline network monitoring, smart city water environment monitoring, etc