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Application of ultrasonic liquid level sensor in river
User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 25 2022

The hydrological characteristics of rivers are deeply affected by the topography, topography, climate and other elements of the flowing area. In particular, climate has a profound impact on river water level changes and water volume. With the rapid development of urbanization, the urban drainage pipe network system is becoming more and more complex. The system is getting bigger and bigger, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the operation, maintenance and management of the drainage network and emergency flood control. The river level can be monitored using ultrasonic level sensors.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Based on the need for remote water level monitoring in many places in my country, such as factory reservoirs, reservoirs for farmland irrigation, water towers for water supply, river water levels, etc., it is very important to do remote monitoring of water levels.

The ultrasonic level gauge is a distance measuring instrument developed based on the principle of ultrasonic waves. It uses the transmitted sound wave pulse to measure the time at the receiving end to calculate the distance. The ultrasonic level gauge is made of ABS material, is light in weight, does not require maintenance and on-site calibration, and can be used in conjunction with a computer, data collector or other RS485-compliant collection equipment.

The composition of sewage is complex and corrosive, and floating objects are easily formed on the surface of the liquid level. Therefore, the level gauge needs to be sensitive and reliable. The ultrasonic level gauge has strong signal penetration and is a reliable "helper" for your measurement. Water level measurement in rivers, lakes, road areas, the need is very common. The liquid level data must not only be reliable, but also be uploaded online for real-time monitoring. Ultrasonic liquid level has RS485 function, which can effectively meet your needs. When measuring with an acid-base level gauge, not only is the liquid corrosive, but the chemical reaction generates heat, which interferes with the level measurement. The ultrasonic level gauge has the characteristics of anti-corrosion.