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Internet of things water quality automatic monitoring station

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Automatic water quality monitoring station is an on-site automatic water quality monitoring laboratory set up in rivers, lakes, coastal waters and other river basins. Water quality monitoring instrument as the core, using sensor technology. Combined with the buoy body, power supply system, data transmission equipment is placed in the water area of the small water quality monitoring system. Used for continuous and automatic monitoring of water quality changes of the tested water body. The water quality can be recorded objectively and abnormal changes of water quality can be found in time. It can realize water pollution forecast for the water area or downstream. The law of water diffusion and self-purification was studied. To master water quality and pollutant flux, prevention and control of water pollution accidents. The purpose of providing technical services to environmental protection management departments.

water quality monitoring station
water quality monitoring station
Water quality monitoring equipment and its significance

Automatic monitoring of surface water quality is the key task of water resources protection. It is one of the most important means to prevent pollution and water quality early warning. Unattended real-time monitoring of water quality is carried out by automatic on-line monitoring instrument. Use modern information technology for data acquisition, transmission and storage. Timely and accurately grasp water quality status and dynamic trends. The project embodies the scientific and modern means of water environment monitoring technology. It is of great significance for the decision-making department of environmental protection to make effective water pollution prevention and control and management in time.The vertical pole type water quality monitoring system is widely used in the fields of river/lake long system, water ecological environment monitoring, aquaculture and other fields.

The water quality monitoring system is divided into automatic control system, water sample collection and pretreatment unit, water quality analysis instrument unit, system self-maintenance system, operating environment support system, control and data acquisition and transmission system. The water quality monitoring system controls the equipment and collects data, and realizes centralized monitoring management and centralized data sharing through wireless communication.