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Brief talk about jingxun unimpeded portable water quality rapid detector

User:JXCTUpload time:Jan 07 2022

Jingxun unimpeded portable water quality rapid detector is a professional instrument for analyzing water quality components. Can measure water: BOD, COD, total nitrogen, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen and other items of the instrument. Portable water quality detector is a special instrument used to detect a variety of physical and chemical indicators of aqueous solution. Water quality rapid detector is developed according to the national standard method has the characteristics of high efficiency and accuracy. And the instrument is equipped with special reagents to achieve rapid quantitative detection on site.

Portable water quality detector
Portable water quality detector
Jingxun unimpeded portable water quality rapid detector

Water pollution incidents, especially sudden water pollution incidents, often occur. It often brings huge and unexpected losses to human society. Some water pollution events have caused great losses and impacts. Even shocking, inestimable, great harm to social stability and economic development. Raise awareness of sudden water pollution incidents. Take full precautions in case of incident. Avoid or minimize the loss and impact caused by the event. Become a social concern and need to solve the issue. Unimpeded water quality monitoring equipment can be very good for water quality monitoring.

The portable water quality analyzer can freely match the measurement items according to the user's needs; the whole machine adopts the integrated design of the mold, and the appearance is fashionable; the application of the new touch screen menu operation technology realizes the practical and intelligent functions of the instrument, and has acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Features.

Portable water quality detector is also known as portable water quality analyzer. The instrument design is small and beautiful, easy to carry.Water quality detector adopts guided operation design, the interface is simple and easy to understand. The operator can use it quickly and accurately. Operation without manual intervention, the system automatically identifies the detection channel, accurate detection.