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Introduction of input smart liquid level sensor

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 31 2021

In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic technology and automation. The liquid level measurement and control technology has been greatly improved. The production of daily chemicals, food and beverage, medicine and other industries is inseparable from liquid level monitoring. The importance of Throw-in smart liquid level sensor is becoming more and more prominent, and even directly affects the quality of products.

Throw-in smart liquid level sensor
Throw-in smart liquid level sensor
ThroIntelligent liquid level sensor

As the name implies, a liquid level sensor is a sensor used to measure the position of a liquid. Divided into two categories: contact and non-contact. Contact liquid level sensors include float/float type, magnetic float type, static pressure input type, electric internal float type, capacitive type, magnetostrictive type, servo liquid level type, etc. There are several types of non-contact liquid level sensors such as ultrasonic and radar.

Drop-in liquid level gauge, drop-in liquid level sensor, liquid level transmitter, and water level gauge adopt imported silicon diffusing silicon core and stainless steel fully sealed welding structure design. Good moisture resistance and strong media compatibility. It can be used in a variety of industrial occasions with weak corrosive media. Can be immersed in water for a long time.

This sensor uses high polymer PVC waterproof lead. The material is thick, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, and has a long life.Powerful manufacturers all use laser marking, which can imprint the sensor information on the surface of the shell for a long time without falling off.Rectangular circuit board design can be used for regular wiring and installation of circuit components on the circuit board. The limited space can be effectively used for heat dissipation, and the stability, anti-interference and service life of circuit components can be guaranteed.Powerful manufacturers all use laser marking, which can imprint the sensor information on the surface of the shell for a long time without falling off.