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Introduction to application scenarios of water leakage alarm sensors

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 21 2021

It is strictly forbidden to contact with liquid in the power distribution room. In order to maintain the normal distribution of electricity, a water leakage alarm sensor is installed in the power distribution room. The harm caused by water leakage can be avoided or reduced.

Water leakage will endanger the quality of items stored in the archives and the use of electrical equipment. There are many hidden dangers of water leakage around the doors and windows in the archives, around the pipes, and the water inlet and drainage pipes of the air conditioning and humidification and dehumidification integrated machine. If a water leak occurs, it will cause serious consequences if it is not detected and handled in time. Therefore, it is very necessary to monitor the water leakage in the archives room in real time.

Flood sensor
Flood sensor
water leakage alarm sensor

As a place for storage, warehouses store all kinds of goods. The main point of warehouse storage is to prevent mold and deterioration of goods. Therefore, we must pay attention to warehouse environmental management. Protecting the safety of goods in the warehouse is the main task of warehouse management, and water leakage is one of the biggest threats to warehouse safety. Water leakage in the warehouse will cause the warehouse to be flooded, damp, moldy, etc., directly causing economic losses. Therefore, it is very necessary to install water leakage monitoring equipment in the warehouse.

In industrial production, many factories have already achieved automation upgrades. If there is a water leakage accident, it will affect the factory's production capacity. In serious cases, damage to the plant's machinery and equipment will cause very serious losses. Therefore, it is necessary to set up water sensor monitoring points in important places.