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Talking about the application of Water immersion detection sensor

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 21 2021

Many places in life need water-immersed sensors. It is widely used in data centers, communication rooms, power stations, warehouses, archives and other places that need to be waterproof. The function of the Water immersion detection sensor is to detect whether there is water leakage in the monitored area. Once a water leak is found, an alarm will be issued immediately. It can do a good job of preventing related losses and hazards caused by water leakage accidents.

water leak detector
water leak detector
Water immersion detection sensor

The water immersion sensor is an easy-to-operate liquid leakage monitoring device. It can detect the moment of water leakage and issue an alarm in time. Water immersion sensors can efficiently replace manual inspections. It can monitor all water leaks in areas with water sources such as rainwater leakage and water pipes. Real-time monitoring and early warning of hidden dangers of water leakage can be carried out. Mainly used in places where water is required, such as computer rooms, smart buildings, power distribution rooms, archives, warehouses, factories and other places.

In the computer room, these high-precision electrical equipment are extremely sensitive to water. Once a water leak occurs, the equipment will be damaged to varying degrees. We can also see from some reports that some computer room fire accidents are caused by short circuits in the computer room caused by the failure to detect water leaks in time, causing the entire computer room to burn down. Therefore, real-time monitoring of whether there is liquid leakage in the computer room has become the primary task of the computer room operation and maintenance management personnel. The installation of water immersion sensors in the computer room has become one of the essential basic guarantee equipment in the comprehensive operation and maintenance management system of the computer room.