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The great role of water sensor

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 14 2021

A water sensor is used to detect whether water leaks in the measured area. In the event of water leakage, give an alarm immediately. Can prevent leakage accidents caused by related losses and harm. Water sensor is widely used in data center, communication room, power station, warehouse, archives and other places that need waterproof.

water leak detector
water leak detector
Flood alarm

To ensure the safety, stability and efficient operation of the machine room. Good running status of network equipment and service life and safety of equipment. Usually the network operation environment of power supply, temperature, humidity, water leakage, air dust and many other environmental variables. 24 - hour real-time monitoring and intelligent regulation control. To ensure the stability of the network operating environment and the security of network hardware and software resources, equipment and related information and data assets.

Due to the requirements of temperature and humidity in the machine room, most of the machine room has precision air conditioning, heating and other equipment. Liquid leakage sometimes occurs, but also there may be tap water leakage, rainwater intrusion and so on. This requires the leak detection system to detect leaks as early as possible. Accurately know the location of leakage, timely treatment, to ensure the stable operation of equipment room.

Quick and real-time response to water alarm detection. The principle of detection is the refraction of light by water. When the sensor meets water, according to the water refraction of light to induction of water leakage, it also has a very wide monitoring range.