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Buoy water quality monitoring stations can better understand water quality
User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 14 2021

Buoy water quality monitoring station is to monitor and measure the types of pollutants in water. It can monitor the concentration and change trend of various pollutants and evaluate the process of water quality. Monitoring covers a wide range of uncontaminated and contaminated natural waters (rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and groundwater) and a wide range of industrial drainage. The main monitoring items can reflect the comprehensive indicators of water quality. Such as temperature, chroma, turbidity, pH value, conductivity, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand.

Water quality monitoring system
Water quality monitoring system
Buoy water quality monitoring station

The large-scale water quality monitoring system floating station is an intelligent monitoring equipment that can adapt to marine monitoring operations. The floating water quality monitoring equipment can float on the sea for a long time to monitor the water quality environment in real time.

The floating sea water quality monitoring system can accurately measure sea water quality online and on site. Data can be sent back to a data center on land in real time. It can provide timely warning and effectively monitor sea water quality. Aquaculture water quality monitoring: aquaculture water quality monitoring system can achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring of water quality, temperature, PH value, dissolved oxygen three parameters. It can realize storage, historical record query and other functions on the computer.

The water quality of the floating river automatically monitors the water quality of the target water area, forming a grid of river water quality monitoring trend. Contribute to the formation of a sound river long-term management mechanism. Reservoir water quality monitoring system is suitable for real-time monitoring of lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other monitoring stations to observe water quality changes.The floating station can be equipped with various detection probes to monitor the water quality in real time.