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The role of water quality monitoring sensors in water quality monitoring
User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 24 2021

Asian countries are experiencing amazing economic development. What followed was the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization. This has led to an increasingly serious water pollution problem in rivers, as wastewater from households, factories, etc. flows into the river. In order to improve the water environment, the first step is to collect river water quality data to determine the pollution status. However, it is not easy for developing countries to conduct regular and continuous water quality measurement in large watershed areas. At this time, the water quality monitoring sensor can be used for monitoring.

Portable Turbidity meter
Portable Turbidity meter
Introduction of water quality monitoring sensor

Many developing countries in Asia recognize the importance of regularly measuring river water pollution in as many places as possible. However, on the ground, the fact remains that various resource shortages hinder this. Due to the need for regular visits to measurement points scattered in the vast river basin, human resources are in short supply. There is also a need for reliable and expensive water quality monitoring sensor equipment, but there is no budget for these projects. Selected and unobstructed water quality monitoring equipment is fast and accurate. The price is close to the people, the quality is reliable, and it is trustworthy.

Turbidity Sensors,Turbidimeters,Turbidity analyzers are one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments. It can continuously monitor data through the transmission output and connect the recorder to realize remote monitoring and recording. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface through the MODBUS-RTU protocol for easy connection Enter the computer to realize monitoring and recording.Large 2.4-inch LCD screen, the value is clear at a glance, and the value is displayed in real-time high-definition.High precision and stable signal, allowing you to obtain every data at any time.High precision and stable signal, allowing you to obtain every data at any time.