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Multi-parameter water quality monitoring equipment can quickly monitor water quality
User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 24 2021

In order to keep the water quality healthy and meet the discharge standards, water quality testing is often required. But generally speaking, if the work of water quality testing is carried out manually, the time and process required will be very long. Moreover, the effect of real-time monitoring cannot be achieved. The emergence of multi-parameter water quality monitoring equipment has greatly solved this problem. And the cost of enterprise water quality monitoring is reduced to a minimum. It also simplifies the tedious process of the laboratory in the water quality monitoring process, and can quickly learn the water quality results.

Water Quality Analyzer
Water Quality Analyzer
water quality monitoring equipment

Jingxun's multi-parameter monitoring equipment for water quality. Can quickly and accurately help to understand the relevant water quality testing situation. Jingxun's multi-parameter water quality monitoring equipment can conduct real-time monitoring of water quality in various links such as water sources, water plants, and laboratories. Improvement of water pollution, emergency drinking water safety emergencies. Provide effective assistance to water quality problems such as weak water quality analysis and early warning capabilities.

The portable water quality analyzer can freely match the measurement items according to the user's needs; the whole machine adopts the integrated design of the mold, and the appearance is fashionable; the application of the new touch screen menu operation technology realizes the practical and intelligent functions of the instrument, and has acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Features.

Put the sensor in the water for a few seconds to display the measurement result, simple and convenient, low measurement cost, and fast measurement speed.Press to record the current sensor data, which can assist scientific researchers to record in the desired way and set how often to collect data.One-key export of data is convenient and quick: you can connect the D-type data interface connector (DB9) to the USB to store the data to the computer and generate reports.