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Water level monitoring system and flood prevention and disaster prevention


Changes in the earth's environment are causing extreme weather more often than ever before. The possibility of flooding from heavy rains has also increased. Even some areas that people don't think of as flood disaster have anything to do with, there are also widespread torrential rain, water flooding. So the need for flood prevention and prevention becomes even more urgent in the context of climate change. For flood prevention and disaster prevention if there is data to support, in advance of all kinds of response measures, will have a great improvement. Jingxun unimpeded independent research and development of the water level online monitoring system can provide a good help. There are also various water level sensors to meet different needs in different scenarios.

ultrasonic level gauge
ultrasonic level gauge
Why should we pay attention to the monitoring of water level

In the process of flood prevention and disaster prevention, the most important thing to pay attention to is the water level of the reservoir around the city and the water level of the river. Because reservoirs are usually located at higher altitudes. Once the reservoir overflows, it can easily flood the surrounding area. And cause enormous damage. At the same time, the overflow can wash away the reservoir's DAMS. For a long time or the water is too fierce. Dam failure is also a possibility. If that happens, the damage will be even greater. In addition, in some areas of China, the elevation of the riverbed is even higher than that of the urban area. As a result, once the water overflows the levees, it floods nearby urban areas. So the river water level in these areas is also to install qualified water level online monitoring system.

In addition, in some important sites, a certain number of water level on-line monitoring systems should also be installed. Monitor water levels there in real time and respond to water levels that exceed warning lines to avoid excessive losses. At the same time, each sensor of the online water level detection system should be connected to the Internet of things. In order to carry out a comprehensive statistics of the water level of the city. Monitoring and data collection are carried out through the cloud platform of water quality monitoring. Only by understanding the water level of each water body in the city as a whole can we formulate reasonable flood prevention and disaster prevention strategies from a macro perspective.

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