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What is the role of Pole type water quality monitoring station

User:JXCTUpload time:Aug 15 2022

Water pollution is one of the major threats in recent years. Polluted water causes a variety of diseases to humans and animals, which in turn affects the life cycle of ecosystems. With innovations in sensor, communication and Internet of Things technologies, intelligent solutions for water pollution monitoring are becoming increasingly important.

Probe type water quality sensor
What is a water quality monitoring station?

Pole type water quality monitoring station is directly applied to rivers and lakes, water ecological environment monitoring, aquaculture and other fields of industry intelligent terminal. The pole type water quality monitoring station supports access to conventional five parameters (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, pH, water temperature), ammonia nitrogen, COD, chlorophyll, input liquid level and dozens of monitoring sensors. The water quality monitoring station is equipped with professional grade sensor protection kits to protect against microorganisms and surface attachments.

water quality monitoring station
Function of monitoring station:

1.Real-time monitoring

The video images captured by the camera are synchronized to the environment monitoring platform through video character superposition. You can use video monitoring to monitor the current water level, rainfall, and environment in real time, facilitating remote control.

2.With alarm function

The alarm function of monitoring equipment is very important. It is best to choose sound alarm, SMS notification, platform alarm three-in-one equipment. In this way, in the event of a water leakage incident, not only can support the current environment personnel to take timely measures, but also can remind off-site personnel or professionals to prepare in advance. To save time is to save money.

3.System integration

Users can integrate water pumps, valves, dosing and other control systems during site construction. The user can collect the physical parameters of the water treatment system, such as operating current, voltage, start-stop state, electric energy parameters, pipeline pressure, instantaneous and accumulated flow.

4.Data query analysis

The water monitoring system supports querying the historical data of one or more water and rain monitoring stations within the jurisdiction. You can query data by site, time range, and data type (hourly data, daily data, monthly data, and quarterly data), compare and analyze data, and export historical data reports in PDF or Excel format.

In all cases a water monitoring system consists of one or more sensors, a data logger with GPRS modem and a battery. A solar panel may be added in some cases. In most cases a simple conductivity sensor is sufficient, because most pollutants increase conductivity. Note that for detection and tracing it is not relevant to determine exactly what the polluting substance is. This can be done using grab samples, after detecting a jump in conductivity.