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Introduction to environmental monitoring of campus sewage discharge
User:JXCTUpload time:Nov 09 2021

On every level, school is a relatively large unit of production and life. Hundreds or even thousands of students and teachers live in this area. In this area, there is eating, drinking, defecating, and various kinds of teaching activities. This process is bound to produce a large amount of household garbage, and sewage is naturally a large part of the garbage. Campus sewage discharge environmental monitoring is very important.

Campus sewage discharge environmental monitoring
Campus sewage discharge environmental monitoring
Introduction of the types of campus sewage

Campus sewage is generally divided into two types, one is domestic sewage. This kind of sewage is abundant, and is prone to breeding pests and various kinds of bacteria. But its main components are mainly organic matter, as long as it is handled in time and properly, it will not cause any harm to the campus environment. If you still feel uneasy, you can use the domestic water quality monitoring system produced by major manufacturers to monitor. Check the indicators of domestic water consumption. As long as there is no problem with the indicators, then the domestic water on campus can be used at ease. In general, except for those who are particularly sensitive. The water that has been treated and passed the inspection of the water quality monitoring station set up by the relevant department is harmless.

In addition, there will be some teaching activities on campus. Some chemicals are used in these teaching activities. This results in the production of a class of effluent whose composition is similar to that of industrial effluent. This kind of sewage treatment is more difficult, and the duration of harmful properties is relatively long. Mixing with other types of sewage can also produce more complex chemicals. For this part of sewage, a separate wastewater collection system is required, and then it is transported by specialized vehicles to a professional sewage treatment facility for treatment. Fortunately, the total amount of this type of wastewater is relatively small. As long as the recycling process is rigorous enough, there will be no harm to the campus environment. On the other hand, if there are any gaps in the recycling process, the damage may be greater than the average school sewage.