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water monitoring station

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JXCT Professional water quality analysis and monitoring equipment production expert Provide all-round services in customized R&D, production, engineering construction, bidding and other links
About Us
Traditionally, continuous monitoring of water quality is an expensive and complicated process. However, with new advances in sensor technology, maintenance requirements are decreasing, and therefore, continuous detection becomes more attractive and beneficial.
In this regard, we have invested a lot of resources to expand the R&D team, and realize services from the research and development of water quality monitoring equipment of the Internet of Things to production, as well as the design of water environment monitoring programs. We provide a variety of innovative, high-quality, cost-effective sustainable water quality monitoring products and services to meet the specific needs of different scenarios in different regions.
It has a technology research and development center (Jinan), the company has more than 360 employees and covers an area of 3,000 square kilometers. It is a fast-growing industrial Internet of Things enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing. It is mainly engaged in water environment monitoring and atmospheric environment. Sensor products and transmission equipment required for monitoring, smart city and industrial process monitoring, while providing an integrated IoT solution centered on the universal SaaS cloud platform-Jingxun Cloud.
Our Service
Complete Qualifications The qualifications and certificates are complete to effectively improve the bid winning rate. Professional project managers provide one-to-one full tracking, provide bidding documents, and promote project implementation; high-tech enterprises, provincial-level "specialized, special-new" enterprises, and bidding are more secure.
R & D Production A research and development team of 100 people, specializing in water quality Internet of Things technology research and development, system integration and project construction research and development and production of more than 300 kinds of products, applied for more than 130 patents and software works.
Technical Support It includes dozens of water quality monitoring equipment such as water quality ions, water quality PH, water quality conductivity, water solution COD, water solution chlorophyll, etc., covering all aspects of water quality monitoring and treatment, and being the leader of water quality monitoring.
Design Multi-discipline coupling, to create a full-specialty/cycle design plan for the project, and realize the plan design and project construction of multiple large-scale water quality monitoring projects such as Wuxi Water Quality Monitoring Project, Yichun Chemical Wastewater Treatment Project, Xinjiang and Jing County Water Quality Project.
Complete Categories It includes dozens of water quality monitoring equipment such as water quality ions, water quality PH, water quality conductivity, water solution COD, water solution chlorophyll, etc., covering all aspects of water quality monitoring and treatment, and being the leader of water quality monitoring.
Private Order The IoT water quality monitoring solution can measure water quality in real time. It significantly improves operational efficiency and increases productivity.
Business Advantage Create benefits for customers Solve problems for customers
Strong R&D resources, attach great importance to product independent property rights, set up a R&D center in Jinan, attract high-level talents in North and Central China, R&D personnel accounted for as high as 40%, R & D and production of more than 300 products into the market, with close-protected patents and software copyright , Support specific project solutions and product customization. Certificate patented products have obtained CE certificate, ROH and FCC certification, explosion-proof certificate inspection, environmental management certification, gas calibration inspection, precision measurement calibration inspection and other certifications (various inspection reports) with hundreds of patents.
Product Series
IoT Water Quality Monitoring System
Laboratory Water Quality Testing Equipment
Portable Water Quality Testing Instrument
Probe Method Water Quality Testing Equipment
Corporate Style Pursue excellent quality and create a well-known brand
Combine the world’s leading Internet of Things, mobile Internet, cloud computing and other information technologies with traditional agriculture to build a service platform integrating agricultural environment perception, agricultural production optimization, and agricultural intelligent/standardized production, aiming to help agricultural practitioners build a " Intelligent agricultural service system from production to sales, from farmland to table. Provide the industry's lowest price soil moisture sensors, agricultural weather stations, smart agricultural control systems, insect monitoring systems, spore capture analyzers, in-situ root scanners and other equipment to bring users a one-stop smart agriculture brand new experience, from production After-sales are fully assisted to help the development process of agricultural production standardization, large-scale and modernization.
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